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 DOn't Just Play the Game. Live the Game!

September Puzzle Hunt

Play our Missoula Downtown Puzzle Hunts. New ones every month and they are free to play. You can use the answer to get 20% OFF your next game. Click this link to get started!

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Covid-19 Update:
Missoula City-County Health department has rescinded the mask mandate as of 5/10/21.
We require that players wear masks indoors in common areas but may remove masks during game play if they so choose. All games are always private.

What is Big Sky Breakout?

What is an escape room? It's a live interactive group game experience.

You and your team are locked in one of our 4 themed escape rooms:

Legends of Fire, Deception Depot, Pinetti's Prestige, or Through the Looking Glass.

You have to solve puzzles, discover hidden clues, crack codes, and unlock secret items and passage ways to break out before the hour is up!

It is a fun, entirely unique entertainment experience for your friends, family and coworkers to enjoy. We also offer team building packages, on and off-site.

What is a Puzzle Hunt? It's an outdoor themed game. Our puzzle hunts incorporate physical puzzles, scavenger hunting, clues from the real world as well as augmented reality (AR) with a tablet. Puzzle hunts are point-based not time based so you can enjoy all the sites of Downtown Missoula while you play. 

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OUR GAMES Are Private

  • ​Adults $25    

  • Students,Seniors,Military $20

  • Youth 8-13 $15 

  • Younger children? please call          406-493-0528

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Of Fire 
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Through the looking glass

Through The Looking Glass


"This was my first breakout room experience.  It was a blast!  We  have since gone to others in other cities, and nothing compares."

"Holy cow! I was excited to try it, but now I'm hooked! Ralph and Jaime do a PHENOMENAL job with Big Sky Breakout! You MUST check them out. I want to give more than five stars."

"One of the best birthday presents ever. Thank you for the experience. Can't wait to try the other scenarios."

—  Brian Sturm

—  Lisa Schmierer

—  Nissa Liesz