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Meet the team

Managing Director

jaime rauch

Hey! I am Jaime, owner, manager, game designer and game master extraordinaire! I love love love playing escape rooms wherever and whenever I can. I also love puzzle hunts and scavenger hunts. II enjoy a good movie and love supporting my community and its many events and organizations. And I realllllly like animals. Like my puppy Porter and my kitty Sasha and the snuggly snoring beast of a bearded husband I have who is also part of the Big SKy Breakout team. I hope we get to meet you soon! I know you will love what we have created for you!

Game Master

Megan Culbertson

Hi there! Megan here, your friendly neighborhood Game Master. I come from a family of board and card game addicts, and I’m always down to think through a puzzle or riddle, the more challenging the better! Whether I’m playing games myself or helping others discover the many secrets hidden within the escape rooms at Big Sky Breakout, I’m in my element. I moved to Missoula after getting my MFA in Printmaking and Installation at Washington State University and I use my art skills to help out with game building and design. Can you find the Queen Bee in Treasure State?

Game Master

jasmine sherman

Jasmine Sherman has always loved playing games. She fondly remembers guilting her family into playing board games with her by crying many, many times. Now she gets to watch people play games and get paid for it! That’s kinda crazy right? Jasmine has a BA in vocal performance, and a BA in acting, and has worked hard on her game master character errr just kidding she is super authentic. She has blue hair so she must be cool right? Are you sold yet? Come on down to Big Sky Breakout and play a game!

Game Master

zack jarvis

Well hello there! My name is Zack and I am a game master at Big Sky Breakout! I have lived in Missoula for the past ten years and in that time have acquired a long list of fun things to add to my Missoula resume. From performing stand up with Missoula Homegrown Stand Up Comedy for the past seven years, to playing Brad in the Rocky Horror Picture Show is 2019, to now being a game master at Big Sky Breakout! The unique side of Missoula is where I have happily lived for the past ten years and I look forward to another year. I also like long walks on the beach, Aqua Velvas, and staying inside when it is so cold that the wind hurts my face. The wind should not be hurting my face!


Ralph Walters

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Game Master

jack beehler

I’m Jack, Game master at Big Sky Breakout. When I’m not locking people in rooms at work I handle a lot of our computer side stuff. When I’m not a work I take care of two big fluff ball dogs and work with local activist groups. I enjoy hiking the many trails around Missoula and camping in the wildernesses around the state. I’m currently attending the University of Montana Journalism school.

Game Master & Manager in Training

rachel dierken

Hello! I’m Rachel, Game Master and soon-to-be Manager here at Big Sky Breakout. I’m an escape room enthusiast with an M.Ed. in international education leadership. When I’m not helping you escape one of our rooms, you can find me inside doing crosswords, playing board games, and reading OR outdoors backpacking and wandering through nature. I’m a kitty mom to Falcone and Maroni, Missoula’s 2020 commuter of the year, and a board member at the YWCA Missoula. Come escape with us today! 

Game Master

sugar bush

I am a local actor, comedian, and general Missoula Art Weirdo. I can almost always tell when movies use fake dinosaurs instead of real ones. I’m talking, like, a 96% success rate. I moved to Missoula in 2010 and am currently pursuing my BFA in Theatre from the University of Montana. You might have seen me leading historic walking tours downtown, performing comedy at many of the best (and worst) bars and venues across Montana, attending just about every bluegrass concert in a 100-mile-radius, portraying a deranged post-apocalyptic version of a well known Simpsons character on campus, or sleuthing about and attempting to discover all the secrets of Missoula.

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