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We Tailor Your Event to Your Group's Budget and Desires
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 We Offer
Corporate Events and Staff Retreats, Birthday parties, University Functions, Team Building Retreats, Wedding parties, School leadership events, Family Reunions, Room vs. Room competitions, Client appreciation events, Holiday parties, Team Building & Leadership events.
competitive pricing on all events with 10 or more people depending on group size and Group desires.
We offer catering and Pizza delivery recommendations for larger events.
Rent Big Sky Breakout! We can rent out North Side Facility if you would like a private party with all 4 themed Northside escape rooms. This is a great choice for groups and parties that want to have a little private party time to themselves.  It's affordable and a great way to celebrate your friends, family, and co-workers. Call for more details.



Big Sky Breakout: Our Leadership/Team Building Values

We believe that bringing people together to solve mental challenges and puzzles in a timed interactive team environment creates avenues for participants to build better social skills and gain a better sense of their individual strengths in a group dynamic.


Our team building techniques include observation and facilitation.Our games are a safe place for participants to test their own personal strengths and recognize ways to improve their interaction with each other and within themselves in challenging situations that are also entertaining, creating fun while building heightened awareness and communication.


We find that everyone brings something different to the game. No one person thinks or puts things together the same way. Our escape rooms help facilitate the individual thought process in any given challenge. We believe all people are leaders when given the opportunity to show their strengths.


Big Sky Breakout wants to remind you that shared experiences are the building blocks of any good team. What better way to explore your own group dynamic than having fun and helping each other play a live immersive game? Check out this link from the TODAY SHOW

Escape rooms are a top notch affordable way for your company to grow and thrive! So what are you waiting for? 

What Team Building Players are saying....


"Jamie and Ralph are fabulous to work with! They are over the top accommodating, awesome at doing what they do,  provide a team building experience that is unique, creates relationships rapidly that are built on trust,  pushes people outside of their box, is challenging, rewarding and so much fun! A great team building experience!

Thank you Big Sky Breakout!"

Carol Williams/Payne West Insurance

Spokane, WA

"We had an amazing experience at  Big Sky Breakout. We kept it a surprise from our leadership team where our retreat was going to be. 100% of the team said it was the best leadership event they had ever attended. The escape rooms really do take team work and many leaders who had worked together for years learned about hidden skills their peers had. The Big Sky (Breakout) team were gracious and accommodating and even organized our lunch. We spent the afternoon in their comfortable front yard involved in very meaningful and relevant discussions on how to improve our team. The escape room activity created a catalyst for people to share openly and honestly.We all had fun and learned much about ourselves and each other. This is a must do for all teams!"

Lisa Eberhardt/Clark Fork Valley Hospital

Plains, MT

"Big Sky Breakout was a completely new experience for me. Having never experienced a break out room previously, I was delighted at the level of teamwork needed to complete the challenge! It was a tremendous team building opportunity for our staff and most of all it was a blast! I would highly recommend Big Sky Breakout!"

Krista Clawson, Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce

Missoula, MT

"Ralph and Jamie came to Big Sky High School and did 2 phenomenal trainings on educational breakout boxes. Jamie was so helpful and went way above and beyond what I expected.   The boxes can be designed to be used with any subject and all age groups.  My juniors absolutely loved the engagement and challenge of the breakout boxes as their final exam!"

Michelle Ellen, MCPS Special Education Teacher

Missoula, MT .





Team Building and Leadership

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