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Escape Room Fun: We Are Big Sky Breakout!

Have any of your friends asked if you want to go somewhere and lock yourselves in a room together for fun recently? It is definitely an odd question but one that is becoming more and more common. They are asking you to play an escape room - a live interactive game where you and your friends,colleagues, or family get locked in a themed game for an hour. Your team will need to find clues, solve puzzles,decipher codes, and unveil hidden secrets. The clock is ticking and your adrenaline will be kicking. Its an hour you will not soon forget. And hey, shared experience is what makes our bonds stronger, right? That's what we do here at Big Sky Breakout, create exciting games so you and your team can get lost in the fun of it. Our little family of creative game masters guide players through one of our 5 unique escape rooms. We build and design our escape room games with everyone in mind and no mind works the same, so we try to make our games extremely dynamic. This way, everyone can contribute to the game no matter your age, background,or experience level.

Some of our wonderful team. That's me making a face, I'm not one for being on camera, Ha!

Our team designs our games for your escape room pleasure. We are here for YOU. After all, without you we wouldn't be where we are today! When you come by to play a game, you can think of your game master as an extra team mate. Our staff thrives on providing your team with an incredible experience.We can see and hear you as you play to help guide you through parts of the game that may be more challenging and give you little hints to help you find something you may have missed. We also monitor you for your safety. All games have plenty of light plus we don't use jump scares, horror themes or anything else that may scare you. If you can play a board game in a room with the lights on and the door shut you can play our games care free! And hey, you can leave at anytime by turning the red key on the door - you are always in control.

We give all our teams 3 free clues for you to use whenever you would like, all you have to do is wave your hands and say "Clue" and we will help you on your adventure. So remember, we have We are rooting for you from our control room!

Being locked in a room for short periods of time with friends, family or coworkers can yield some pretty impressive results. Our escape games are great for team building, relationship building and leadership building because you are working together to beat the clock. Communication about what you are finding is imperative to a successful escape room. Everyone has something to offer the game and no one knows exactly what that is until you all play together. We have had groups that worked with each other for years to find out they didn't know that their colleague had a certain skill or thinks a certain way. Imagine how that may have changed how they work together! We can write an entire blog on the subject of how escape rooms enhance team building...and we will! We have off-site game options for team building for any size group, as well as a 2 hour onsite leadership workshop for groups of 2-28. Every group is unique and every individual leaves with something they can take with them into the real world. We've seen it all, and we want to help you and your team learn what kind of leaders you all are.

What is a group of spies called?

Being locked in a magical environment is all good fun, but sometimes you may want to really stretch your legs, see the town, and find new things in familiar places. Big Sky Breakout has you covered. Last summer we released our first Puzzle Hunt, Operation Checkmate, a thrilling spy adventure in the heart of downtown Missoula. What is a Puzzle Hunt? A puzzle hunt is equal parts escape room and scavenger hunt. Instead of being locked in a room, you will find clues and solve puzzles in the real world, with the occasional help of an augmented reality system on a iPad. There is no time limit, instead spies earn points by solving puzzles throughout the adventure. While we stopped puzzle hunts for the winter season, we'll be reopening them soon for the summer and fall.

Operation Checkmate is an exciting spy adventure full of espionage and intrigue. You are part of the Secret Intelligent Service team (SIS). You are an elite team of spy hunters and you are searching for a double agent somewhere in downtown Missoula. Clues lurk around every corner, can you unmask the double agent before they escape? Good luck agents!

Can't make it to us? We'll come to you! We currently offer 2 different off-site adventures. Diamond Heist, a one hour multi-team game of cunning and thievery to steal the World's largest diamond! We also offer Break-In Box games, a shorter 20-30 minutes escape room in a box. We offer Break-In Box games for any size group.Call us or go to our games page at to learn more!

Our team is the greatest group of people I've had the pleasure of working with. We love what we do and want to spread the joy to you and our community. Everyone comes here for fun, there is something about a place like this that is just bright. So many smiles in one place has an effect on all of us. Our business is fun and we have a great time doing it!

Well that's who we are and what we do here at Big Sky Breakout, See you all soon!

-Jack (Big Sky Breakout Game Master)

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